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GOLD COAST, Australia
I like to help. I already spend my lunch hours at school helping out by doing B.O.S.E (Beautify Our School Environment) and picking up Rubbish, and also being a Games Leader, where I run sports and games for younger students. I wanted to volunteer for other community groups, but I have found out that I am too young for a lot of places. I need to be 14 to help at Riding for the Disabled, and 18 for the Animal Welfare League. Mum and I started looking for other ways I can help, and make a difference. I have now started a weekend Pamphlet Run, to save up enough to sponsor a child. I need about $500 a year for this, but I am determined to achieve this goal. In the meantime, I am going to get involved in lots of other little things, and help out little by little, because a little Faith, can go a long way

Saturday, August 7, 2010


My first official fundraiser will be CUPCAKE DAY for the RSCPA.
I love animals, and have a Dog (Roly) and a Cat (Tilly) at home, that I love very much.

I will be baking some cupcakes, and my Mum is going to take them to her work, and we'll collect Donations.
Anyone who wants me to bake them some cupcakes, let me know.
Otherwise you can donate to support me by clicking on this link.

Every little bit helps, Thanks for your support.

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