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GOLD COAST, Australia
I like to help. I already spend my lunch hours at school helping out by doing B.O.S.E (Beautify Our School Environment) and picking up Rubbish, and also being a Games Leader, where I run sports and games for younger students. I wanted to volunteer for other community groups, but I have found out that I am too young for a lot of places. I need to be 14 to help at Riding for the Disabled, and 18 for the Animal Welfare League. Mum and I started looking for other ways I can help, and make a difference. I have now started a weekend Pamphlet Run, to save up enough to sponsor a child. I need about $500 a year for this, but I am determined to achieve this goal. In the meantime, I am going to get involved in lots of other little things, and help out little by little, because a little Faith, can go a long way

Monday, August 16, 2010


Thankyou everyone for your donations for Cupcake day.
I made 5 batches of cupcakes and took some to school for the staff room, and Mum took some to work for her staff room.  So far I have raised $40, which is double what I was aiming for.  I am very happy, and proud to have helped protect the animals.

Yummy Cupcakes 100% made by me.

Thank you to all my supporters

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